Sonja's Compatibility Questions - exercise version

This exercise is intended to be done as follows:

Each person should print out a copy of this exercise. They should then answer the questions in writing, thoughtfully, honestly, and completely. This will take several hours. They should not discuss the questions until they are finished. If you think the question is stupid, you're not thinking about it hard enough.

Once they have finished answering the questions, they should get together again and discuss the answers. It is OK to disagree. The point of taking a test like this is to find out where you agree and disagree with each other, which gives you a starting point for resolving your differences.

Please note that I am not a psychologist or counselor. These questions were developed from my own experience, and are provided here for people who do not want, for one reason or another, to consult a professional counselor or minister about their relationship before marriage. I highly recommend professional counseling.

Page last modified: Sunday, May 16, 2004

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