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These tests are listed by number of questions. Within groups, they are listed in an order that makes sense to me. It should not be assumed that all tests with more questions were written later than tests with fewer questions.

This does not purport to be a complete collection of purity tests. It only contains tests which are in text format, for one thing. It also only includes tests which, in my personal opinion, are "serious" purity tests. That is, tests that make a sincere effort to evaluate someone's overall level of "purity", generally taken to mean their level of experience with sex, drugs, and the law (mostly sex). This should not be taken to mean that I have carefully examined each and every test included here to see if it fits in this classification for me, but it does mean that there are tests I haven't included which do not meet these criteria. A specific example is the 1500 question test. Also, tests that don't meet the criteria may be included if they have historical importance. If you know of a test that you think should be included here, by all means let me know.

One thing you will notice about these tests is that there are sometimes multiple tests with the same version number, and that tests diverge from common ancestors without reference to one another. This occurred primarily because most of these tests were written before the web existed, when there was no "central repository" for purity tests. People obtained them via usenet or from other people, and maintained their own personal archives. New tests were developed by different groups at different universities, often with no knowledge that similar work was going on elsewhere.

My personal recommendation is that you take either the PSU 400 Question test, the Yale/Dartmouth 500 Question test, or the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts 1000 Question test. I believe each of these is the best test with that number of questions.

There is a collection of web purity tests available from a place called The Armory. These tests cover a broader range of topics, and can be scored on the web. Personally, I'd rather sit around in a room with someone reading the questions out loud and each person marking their answers on a piece of paper, but I'm old-fashioned!

70 Questions

Ronnie Geller Immorality Quiz

75 Questions

A condensation of the 1000 question test for perverts

100 Questions

200 Questions

225 Questions

The Unisex Experience Test. Appears to be based on the 247 question test.

247 Questions

First CMU version (spring 1983)

400 Questions

425 Questions

CMU version 3.6 (18-Feb-86)

500 Questions

Yale/Dartmouth version (23-Apr-88). Based on CMU version 3.5A.

600 Questions

SUNY Potsdam/Clarkson version (8-Dec-90). Based on Yale/Dartmouth 500 question version.

800 Questions

Purities and Improprieties Test (22-Jul-92). Based on Oregon State University 1000 question version.

1000 Questions

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Last Modified: April 23, 2004